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It Pays To Quit Smoking

This Is Why I Smoke

Candida Albicans: Designing a Candida Diet

Did you know that The American Academy of Allergy and Immunology claims that yeast-related health problems do not exist? So of course they wouldn’t be so bold as to recommend any type of diet for a health problem related to yeast, because of course, it’s all just your imagination. Just wait the problem out I […]

A Candida Infestation: What Exactly Am I Dealing With? Part 2

Last week I wrote about how I contracted a Candida infestation. A Candida Infestation: In the Beginning Part 1 Candida Infestation: Treatment Blog, Part 3 A Candida Infestation: The Blog, Part 4 Candida Blog Part 5: Symptom-free for Six months Candida Treatment: Blog Part 6 Updated 1 year In this chapter I’ll explain why it […]

Interview With Dr. Robin Vinge, ND

We had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Robin Vinge, a naturopathic physician who is currently practicing in Canada. She is a soon to be published author who has been surrounded by medical doctors her whole life, her fathering being an MD, but has herself decided to become a Naturopath. Q: Please give us some background […]

Why I’m Scared of Prescriptions

A Candida Infestation: In The Beginning Part 1

As far as my own Candida albicans overgrowth which ended over two years ago is concerned, I don’t even know how many months I suffered before I finally figured out exactly had me so stumped and so miserable all the time. And once I decided that Candida was my problem, I started reading everything I […]

Beauty is More than Skin Deep

Acne. The mere mention of the word has probably sent chills down your spine as you recall the moments in your adolescence (or even adulthood) when it caused great frustration, embarrassment and pain. It’s a condition that many attribute to being part of “growing up”, but for some individuals it’s a lifelong battle for clear […]

This Is The Case For Many Of Us

The Acidic-Alkaline Candida Connection

Recognizing what is a normal pH balance in the human body has long been misunderstood due to the procedure by which doctor’s follow for pH readings. A typical pH reading is usually conducted through tests done on the blood, saliva or urine. The problem with using this methodology is that blood and saliva are naturally […]

The Lazy Man’s Way To Working Out

Interview with Dr. Justin Gallant, ND

We selectively choose Naturopaths to interview, and today we had the opportunity to interview Dr. Justin Gallant a naturopath based in Hamilton, Ontario. Read this interview to find out what makes naturopathic special, what it’s capable of, and what really just makes them humans. Dr. Justin Gallant ND Naturopathic Doctor Bachelor of Kinesiology […]

4 Things that are Killing You from the Inside-Out

If you ever thought a forty something woman with a balding head, a thirty year old man with grey hair, or a fifty year old stroke victim was normal – think again. All these symptoms are merely a reflection of a compromised intestinal system. Your gut is a very attractive place: as much as 100 […]

Interview With Dr. Sara Jean Barrett, ND

People are starting to look at treating the entire body, instead of merely treating symptoms and naturopaths are who you go to for those needs. There is a movement towards natural health, and naturopaths are on the forefront of it. We have the privilege to interview Dr. Sara Jean Barrett, ND who shares her beliefs […]

Can I Get a Yeast Infection from My Dog?

Hi Deborah, My dog has a fungal infection, and I the vet said I have to wash him twice a week with special soap to get rid of it. I was wondering if it’s possible for him to pass on his yeast infection to me? We know that you can get a yeast infection from […]

Can I Catch a Yeast Infection from My Partner?

Hi Deborah, my girlfriend found out she had a yeast infection and since then I’ve felt like I was itching nonstop. I do not notice any physical symptoms yet, but is it possible that I caught a yeast infection from her or is it merely psychological? This question was submitted by a man asking about […]

Can Dogs Get Yeast Infections?

Deborah, My dog smells funny and is always scratching. He always had some sort of corn chip smell, is it possible for dogs to get yeast infections? Yes! Believe it or not, dogs can get yeast infections. They’re not quite the same as the kind we’d experience as humans, but they’re not uncommon at all.

Can Children Get Yeast Infections?

Hi Deborah, I am worried that my 10 year old daughter has systemic yeast after she took antibiotics. Is it possible for her to develop it that early? Absolutely! As a matter of fact, anyone can get a yeast infection, at any age – newborns, toddlers, teens, adults, and even mature adults. Yeast infections in […]

Can I Get a Yeast Infection from Birth Control Pills?

Deborah, I’ve never had a yeast infection until I started birth control. Is it possible that the birth control pills caused my yeast infection? As odd and counterproductive as it sounds, birth control pills are a major contributing factor in the development of yeast infections in women. Women, in general, do have it particularly rough […]

Can I Get Rid of a Yeast Infection Naturally?

Deborah, Is it possible to get rid of a yeast infection without relying on drugs? Yes, you can. While there are tons of pharmaceutical drugs on the market today, there are quite a number of natural remedies you can use to get rid of yeast infections, whether vaginal or systemic.

Can You Get a Yeast Infection from Eating Yogurt?

Hi Deb, I was wondering if it’s possible to get a Yeast Infection From eating yogurt? While the food you eat doesn’t generally cause yeast infections, it can definitely support your infection by allowing the Candida to thrive. The simple answer to this question is that yogurt will not cause your yeast infection. According to […]