Can You Get a Yeast Infection from Eating Yogurt?

yogurtHi Deb, I was wondering if it’s possible to get a Yeast Infection From eating yogurt?

While the food you eat doesn’t generally cause yeast infections, it can definitely support your infection by allowing the Candida to thrive.

The simple answer to this question is that yogurt will not cause your yeast infection. According to webmd, yogurt has numerous benefits including many healthy bacteria.

The question of yogurt is a double-edged sword. While a lot of Candida programs recommend eating yogurt, what many don’t clarify is that you need to eat a certain type of yogurt. For yogurt to work for you, you need to make sure you’re eating (or douching with) organic yogurts that have as little sugar as humanly possible.

Why? The yogurts you buy in a traditional grocery store are full of sugar; and the lower the fat content, the higher the sugar content, in most cases. Yogurts that are commercially processed are usually sweetened or have other flavorings or additives in them. While they generally claim to contain probiotics, which is great, the added sugar content allows the yeast that is already thriving in your body to continue to thrive. You’re essentially cancelling out any good impact the probiotics may have had.

Cultured and fermented dairy is, by nature, great for the body. Please look here for natural sources of probiotics. Your best bet, when using yogurt as part of your yeast infection treatment, is to either buy an organic version from a health food store or to make your own. Making your own is a lot easier than you might think. The most basic recipe only calls for milk and a yogurt starter. You can buy freeze-dried yogurt starters (this is what I prefer), or you can use organic yogurt as a starter (again, organic – not highly commercialized). There are tons of great recipes and ideas for making your own yogurt online. I highly recommend checking them out. Consider making your own probiotic kefir drink while you’re at it as well!

Really making your own yogurt and Kefir is by far the best if you want to get healthy bacteria in your body. Another thing that people do is get good probiotics like probacto’s.

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