Candida and Sugar: Cause & Effect

sugar and candidaThe term, “cause and effect” is in reference to connection or the relationship between thoughts or actions and reality or actual events; and if you doubt the existence of cause and effect, you probably need to pay more attention to what’s going on in your daily life.

An important aspect of any illness, including a Candida treatment is something that few people consciously consider, yet it should be one of the foremost thoughts in your mind during every moment of the day, no matter what you’re doing, and that aspect is exactly what I described above, “cause and effect.”

In order to reach a cure of any illness, and especially for a yeast or Candida treatment to be successful, you will definitely need to be aware of the connection between your mind and your body every moment of the day. Your body will always give you a response, or feed-back if you prefer, if you’ll just pay attention and listen to what your body tells you; because whether your mind is aware of what you’re doing or not, your body is, and it will always let you know when you’ve made a mistake.

There is most definitely a link which cannot be denied between your health and the way you feel and the food you choose to eat.

So please be aware of the food you’re feeding your body as well as learning to focus your thoughts on each one of your body’s needs and not on your ‘personal desires’ – because this need, as opposed to the desire, is what will eventually bring your health back to the level you want, and if Candida or yeast is your problem, then practicing this every day is the only way you will bring all of the problems under control, and not your desires. The ‘desires’ I’m speaking of are such as desiring just a few bites of that container of ice cream sitting in the freezer, or perhaps just a few of the M&M’s your son left on the kitchen counter. Just a few can’t hurt, right? Really?

You’ll need to focus on “this moment” and the connection that this moment has with your body instead of thinking about tomorrow or even ten minutes from now.

When you’re out in the supermarket food shopping, be aware of what the possibilities are concerning each one of the food items that you’re interested in. Is that product something you desire and wish to taste, or is it something that your body needs to heal itself? There is a “cause and effect” connected to every thought, every action, and especially every food item which you eat.

What does Sugar do in the Body?

Did you know that the human body is unable to breakdown and digest sugar (sucrose) unless it uses a portion of the stored minerals and vitamins in your body? This is why eating sugar products eventually will produce a lack of energy. You can see how eating sugar and simple carbohydrates throughout the day would drain your body of the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs if you’re not replacing them all along. That means that you would need to be replacing the vitamins and minerals that the sugar is using for the purpose of digestion throughout the day, and it would have to be in larger amounts than the sugar products you’re eating, or, you guessed it, we would eventually deplete our body of the vitamins and minerals it must have to survive. So what’s the result of something like this taking place? Well, a yeast overgrowth for one thing and of course, and the yeast overgrowth if left untreated will change into a fungal Candida overgrowth.

Sugar Addiction is Real

A lot of people can be ‘sugar sensitive’ without even being aware of the fact. Unfortunately, the majority of these people are women. What this basically means is that you have a great deal of difficulty turning down any product which contains sugar or high amounts of carbohydrates, which includes foods such as potatoes, bread, rice, and pasta which actually change into to sugar once they’re broken down by the digestive process. And as far as getting your fill of these foods, there’s no such thing because eating one of these only leads to a craving for more of the same, or at least a craving for a similar food containing sugar or simple carbohydrates. This can continue until it eventually appears to be a never-ending cycle of eating carbohydrates and sugar and wanting more. Eating sugar and carbohydrates is the cause, and craving more is the effect. Sound familiar?

There are definite signs of a sugar addiction; first of course is the fact that, if you’re addicted to sugar, then you have a big problem saying “no” to the offer of a piece of cake or anything else containing high amounts of sugar.

Another sign is thinking that you need sugar or carbohydrates in order to ‘feel good’ because the opposite is actually true.

Of course there’s always the stress factor; this simply means that you turn to food, especially sugary food, when you’re sad or stressed out. We’ve all heard of “emotional eating.” But do you really feel better after eating that bowl of ice cream or that cookie?

Having a feeling of being angry for no apparent reason is a symptom of sugar addiction, and so is moodiness.

If you decide to stop the intake of sugar and simple carbohydrates, you’ll likely have a few withdrawal symptoms to deal with. The signs of sugar withdrawal is just as real as the actually addiction. The symptoms usually follow a pattern such as; anxiety or depression or both, becoming more emotional, headaches, and of course there’s going to be the usual ‘sugar cravings’ which may become much more apparent for a short period of time. If the withdrawal symptoms become too severe for you to handle, eating more carbohydrates in the form of foods such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, or carrots are better than adding a candy bar or cupcake to control the symptoms, and this won’t work anyway, because they will only create more cravings for sugar.

Eating whatever you’re craving causes cravings. Cause and effect.


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