Candida and Swedish Digestive-Bitters

Swedish Digestive BittersA decrease of the body’s production of enzymes seems to be very common with a Candida overgrowth, which make sense when you take note of how the overgrowth interferes with digestion in general, and digestive enzymes play such a large role in the proper digestion of foods. Using the bitters from the beginning of your treatment to the end will be the most important supplement used for an improved digestion. This mixture of herbs will play a huge role in allowing your body to perform at its very best as far as digesting the food and nutrients your body needs and also keeping the intestines and liver cleansed throughout your treatment. Using the Bitters and drinking lots of water on a regular basis is the best way to cleanse and detox your body and especially the liver.

NOTE: There is also a product by the name of “Sweetish Bitters Elixir” made by Gaia Herbs. As long as you obtain the alcohol-free form it’s safe and will work the same as Swedish Digestive Bitters.

IMPORTANT: The Gallbladder
Although some people have used bitters after their gallbladder surgery, if you have had your gallbladder removed, you may choose to use another product in place of the bitters. Triphala is a mixture of three different herbs and will cleanse the liver without having to stimulate the vagus nerve. Triphala powder can be purchased at some health food and vitamin stores as well as online at Amazon. You can also use apple cider vinegar as another alternative for the Bitters in digesting your food. ACV for this purpose can be used by taking two teaspoons in water just before each full meal. Keep in mind that ACV contains antibacterial properties which means that, if taken for a prolonged period of time, it could possibly destroy some of the beneficial flora in the intestines, so this is something you do not want to overuse. On the other hand, if you’re able to take the Bitters, they will not interfere with the bacteria in the intestines.

Non-Alcohol Form
Be sure to purchase liquid bitters and they should not contain alcohol. You can purchase these from any vitamin shop or online. Bitters will also increase the population of beneficial flora which is a huge plus when your main goal is to reestablish the beneficial bacteria in your intestines, this will be the key to reaching a symptom-free state during your treatment.

In addition, all of the normal digestion problems can be lessened or resolved by using the bitters after every meal you have.

Why Not Take Regular Enzymes?
If you’re wondering why we shouldn’t take synthetic and individual enzymes, the reason is, most of the enzyme supplements contain two enzymes which can cause more harm than good during a Candida treatment; they’re called cellulase and hemicellulase and they’re enzymes which will create sugars from the fibers in the foods you eat when they are breaking down during the digestion process. These sugars will then act as food for the Candida albicans that inhabit the intestines. Neither cellulase nor hemicellulase are used in the manufacturing of Swedish Digestive Bitters.

When you take bitters before a meal, the flow of bile created will lessen problems with the gallbladder including gallbladder disease. Bitters will also cleans and detox the liver as they are being moved along the digestive tract by causing a flushing action. This action will take place every time you use the bitters before a meal or snack. .
Studies have shown that Swedish Digestive Bitters have more uses than just detoxing the liver. Bitters will also work to keep the level blood sugar under control by regulating the amount of insulin as well as glucagon. This specific action will manage the incidence of pre-diabetes as well as hypoglycemia.

Leaky Gut Syndrome and Digestive Bitters
Stimulation of the juices in the digestive tract is one way the bitters help you with past problems of digestion. The bitters will also repair damage caused by the results of even long-standing leaky gut permeability. This also means that they will help to repair damage and erosion of the intestines and stomach caused by ulcers of the peptic nature. Taking Swedish Digestive Bitters 5 to 15 minutes before your meal will allow them to work more efficiently.

If constipation becomes a problem at any time during your infestation and treatment, try to increase the number of times a day that you use the bitters. Simply use the bitters and then eat a small snack afterwards. Using the bitters more often will normally help to correct constipation.

Dosage: The objective of Digestive Bitters is to allow an automatic reaction to the process of releasing enzymes to aid in digesting food. In order to accomplish this function, a nerve on the back of the tongue called the “bitter nerve” or “vagus nerve” has to be stimulated. Since this stimulation process begins with a simple taste of the bitters, you should use approximately a half dropper full placed on the middle to back part of the tongue; use only half a dropper full instead of the amount shown in the instructions on the container.
Previously it was believed that the bitters should be used after meals, but new research has shown that a more effective process will be obtained by using the bitters before you meals or snacks.

This should be done around 10 to 15 minutes before you eat a meal. If you are constipated, use another half dropper of the bitters before one or two snacks as well. The instructions on the label of the bitters will probably differ from this process, but if you follow those instructions and use a larger amount of the bitters, you will only be wasting your money by purchasing more containers than necessary. More is not always better with many supplements.
IMPORTANT: There is no need or reason to purchase addition synthetic enzymes to use for digestion if you are using Swedish Digestive Enzymes.

NOTE: Please remember how important it is to drink a lot of water every day that you use the digestive bitters. If you do not obtain enough water, the various actions of the bitters will not take place properly, and you may even experience some mild dehydration symptoms.


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