Candida: Benefits of Herbal Teas

herbal teaAnyone who has a Candida albicans overgrowth should try to be extremely careful as far as both the food and drinks which they ingest; first because so many foods as well as beverages contain hidden carbohydrates and most importantly, they often contain hidden sugars. In fact, commercially packaged foods and drinks in general contain many other hidden dangers such as various chemicals and coloring.

Many teas will often contain caffeine, and caffeine can actually play a big role in lessening your progress on a Candida diet. Caffeine can cause additional inflammation, and one of the worse stress inducers is caffeine, and stress is a big cause of the adrenals ‘crashing’ which in turn will affect the immune system’s ability to fight off the Candida.

Some of the most beneficial teas that one can drink during a Candida treatment are:

Both chicory tea and chicory coffee are recommended on our Candida Diet and Protocol; first because chicory is caffeine-free so it makes a great coffee substitute for a Candida diet, but most importantly, it’s a powerful prebiotic which means that it is capable of feeding the beneficial bacteria that you are trying so hard to reestablish in your intestines if you are suffering from a Candida overgrowth. Chicory is also a great source of vitamin A and K; it helps to control blood sugar levels, aids in the digestion of foods, cleanses the blood, acts as a natural sedative, and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Dandelion Root Tea is another excellent prebiotic (food for flora) as well as a strong liver tonic which will help in protecting your liver from the various toxins released by the dying and living Candida. It also helps to improve digestion and reduces bloating, it will treat UTI’s (urinary tract infections), and acts as a blood purifier which makes it useful in detoxing the Candida-produced toxins.

Nettle Leaf tea is one tea which I recommend on our Candida Treatment Protocol. Its uses are numerous, but mainly it protects the copper levels during a Candida infestation and helps to detox the body. Nettle leaf tea can be used throughout a Candida treatment. You can read about the benefits of nettle leaf tea by clicking here

Licorice Root Tea is one of my favorite teas; partially because I love the taste and it needs nothing added to it in order to make it tasty, but mainly because it’s an excellent way to obtain a very good natural prebiotic, meaning it’s a form of food which will feed the beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

Eczema: Numerous studies have shown that licorice root reduces the severity of eczema breakouts.

Cancer Fighting Compound: Licorice root contains a compound called licochalcone which, in research studies, has been shown to increase a specific immune cell activity which in destroys tumor cells.

Licorice and Hypothyroidism: According to studies, patients with hypothyroidism show a marked improvement in the levels of a thyroid-produced hormone called cortisol. This is the hormone which is responsible for regulating the body’s ability of coping with stress. According to the studies, licorice root can be a benefit to the treatment of hypothyroidism. Remember that one cup of this day goes a long way.

Licorice possesses the ability of lowering the level blood glucose, so using the root or tea for long periods of time could potentially cause low blood sugar. Those who are already taking a medication to lower glucose levels should speak with their physician before using licorice root products. Pure licorice root should never be taken in high doses for prolonged periods of time.

NOTE: I have read specific information on several websites which claim that licorice root can cause high blood pressure. Yes, this is possible; however, in order to accomplish this, you would need to purchase and take a container of licorice root capsules every single day for five to six months straight.

CAUTION: As with every substance created by God or man, please don’t overdo a good thing. In other words, don’t set out drinking half a gallon of licorice root tea a day thinking you’re going to cure your hypothyroidism, or a like amount of dandelion root tea thinking you’re going to cure your UTI in 24 hours. As we all know, too much of even a good thing can turn out bad..

Other herbal teas that are acceptable and their benefits during a Candida treatment are shown below.

Cardamom: Digestive aid and detoxifier.
Chamomile: Sleep aid, has a calming effect with anxiety.
Cinnamon: Contains antifungal properties, fights E.coli, calms nervous tension.
Echinacea: Treats UTI’s, boosts the immune system, and stimulates the adrenal glands. Ginger: Digestive aid, reduces inflammation, improves function of the immune system, relieves stress, and contains minerals and amino acids.
Lemon Balm: Antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, has a relaxing effect.
Lemon Grass: Detoxifies the liver, lowers uric acid and cholesterol levels.
Marigold: Excellent digestive aid.
Peppermint: Treats upset stomach
Rosemary: Improves digestion, particularly helpful in treating IBS.
Thyme: Antifungal properties, treats flatulence, treats depression and insomnia.

NOTE: Organic teas should be purchased when possible in order to protect the system from toxins obtained during the manufacturing process.

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  1. Hello Sean, nice article and it is good to know how beneficial chicory coffee is (because it is freely available in the UK, US and Continental Europe) and not a bad substitute for coffee. One thing to note in your article, you say “Licorice and Hypothyroidism: According to studies, patients with hypothyroidism show a marked improvement in the levels of a thyroid-produced hormone called cortisol”. Cortisol is not produced in the thyroid. It is an adrenal hormone. The role of Cortisol in hypothyroid patients arises from many of those patients suffering from Adrenal Fatigue. the fatugue complicates the thyroid treatment and therefore, alternative health practioners, look to treat hypothyorid patients for adrenal issues first before they attempt to treat the underactive thyroid. ONe method they use to treat the adrenals is to give support whilst the adrenals rest and then come back online. Licquorice is helpful in doing this because it helps prolong the time in which cortisol remains in the blood. Weak adrenals often result in low cortisol production.

  2. Hi Sean,

    I’ve recently come across some information about the benefits of Solomon’s Seal tea as a digestive aid and inflammatory, but can’t seem to find it mentioned on any Candida forums or blogs specifically. Do you know anything about it or if it’s safe for the Candida diet?

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