What Everyone Should Know About Gluten Intolerance and Digestive Enzymes

It is estimated that in the U.S. alone a staggering 18 million Americans suffer from the effects of gluten intolerance, also known as gluten sensitivity or non-celiac gluten sensitivity.(1) It has only recently been acknowledged and is still little is understood about it. If you are suffering from gluten intolerance, you are not alone as […]

A Candida Diet: Eggs vs. Meat

When Candida sufferers first start on a good Candida diet which does not include very much animal protein other than organic eggs, a lot claim fear that the eggs will present them with either higher cholesterol levels or they’re afraid that they’ll develop heart problems, or both. The American Society for Clinical Nutrition reported that, […]

How To Make Yogurt In the Comfort Of Your Home

What I Eat – Homemade Yogurt A lot of the people who walk into my clinic, whether they’re suffering from a Candida yeast infection or not, ask me the same question. They want to know what foods they should really be eating in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While there are certainly dozens of […]

The Amazing Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

There are so many really great benefits derived from coconut oil that it’s almost unbelievable when you read the seemingly never-ending list. As far as a yeast infection or a Candida infestation is concerned, coconut oil will act as a strong antifungal, but more importantly, it will increase your immunity and it will promote proper […]

Using Juice to Add Fiber to Your Diet

Your doctor has told you time and time again – you need more fiber in your diet. Any good nutritionist will tell you the same thing. The average person isn’t generally excited about running out to buy a powdered fiber supplement,  especially since quite a few of them are less than pleasant to drink. You […]

3 Diet Taboos That Are Diet to Dos!

If you’re geared towards health and fitness, then you’re probably already familiar with the importance of nutrition and its essential role to reaching your goals. There exists a plethora of information readily available to the average person; whether it is on the internet, in a book, a magazine or through the words of a friend […]

How To Break Free From Your Diet Soda Habit?

Can’t eat food without diet soda in front of you? Can’t live a day without downing several cans of diet soda? If yes, then you must be one of the so-called diet soda addicts. True enough, diet soda can be very addicting, mainly because of its caffeine content. In addition, the taste and the fizz […]

Basic Tips in Starting a Raw Food Diet

Raw food diet is considered healthier the consumer can get more nutrients and other food substances, such as enzymes, that become lost or degraded when cooking. Thus, many people are now switching to a raw food diet. However, starting a raw food diet is not easy as it seems. Just like any restricted diet, raw […]

5 Fruits You Should Add to Your Everyday Diet

A healthy and balanced diet always includes a serving of fruits. Just like vegetables, fruits give the essential nutrients that we need, and protect us from diseases as well. Eating fruits regularly along with vegetables reduces the risk of having cardiovascular disorders, such as heart attack and stroke, type II diabetes, and cancer. Here are […]