Our Team

Debbie Anderson

Debbie is our resident diet guru and specializes in Candida Yeast Infections. When not writing articles, she enjoys spending time with her two boys and husband and being the primary chef in the household. Using her dietary knowledge, Debbie is famous among friends for her culinary masterpieces that don’t put a dent in your health or your waist. Living healthily is one of Debbie’s primary concern and it’s for that reason she joined our team to help others get on the right path to health.

Lara Swanson

Detailed articles and unrivaled research is Lara’s special skill and a pleasure to have on our team. A biochemist by day and article writer by night, Lara’s expertise and meticulous habits has made her an advocate of the “healthy life”. Her views on health are rather recent after discovering that her sedentary lifestyle was a great detriment to her body, mind and spirit. Some quick reading and a boost of motivation was all she needed to get on the healthy track, after that she’s been hooked and dedicated to sharing her experience and knowledge with others. When she’s not writing articles you can find Lara on a trail in her hometown Vermont or on a quick run to whisk her worries away.

Brian Green

Brian Green is our Editor-in-Chief and is responsible for ensuring that only the most important information is put on Probacto. He’s diligence keeps Probacto up to date, relevant and overall resourceful for all our readers – new and old. A fitness guru, Brian Green finds himself at peace when he’s  on a 400m sprint or outperforming reps at the gym. His passion for the a healthy body is easily displayed by the content he provides on Probacto and we’re happy to say that writing articles gets Brian’s heart rate up.

Deborah Dera

Debora Dera is our probiotic expert and proprietor of the latest health news. Her involvement in the health field has spanned over five years and much like the rest of our team she values the importance of a healthy diet, lifestyle and mental state. When not writing articles, Deborah can be found sharing her knowledge of martial arts with others or engaging in routine practice of Tae Kwon Do.

Dr. Ritu Goel

Doctor Goel is a certified nutritionist and management professional. She has proudly served the healthcare industry for over 13 years and currently works as a physician and dietitian in a private clinic. Her knowledge and experience is invaluable to our team. Doctor Goel is a truly practice what she preaches and conducts her life just as she suggests in the articles she produces or through the advice she gives her own patients. Health is a primary concern of hers and she is an advocate of sharing this concern with others.

Dr. Chaithanya R, MBBS

Doctor Chaithanya is a practicing medical doctor with a plethora of skill and knowledge in the medical field. She possesses an immense passion for medicine – be it western or eastern practices – and believes in a general sense of well-being for optimal health. Her ideals have pushed her to writing articles on medicine and health, she truly believes that medicine should be accessible and every body deserves to know how to take care of themselves.Doctor Chaithanya also works as a medical writer and expert for her local newspaper.

Ernest Dudkov

Ernest, despite his junior blog manager status is one of the most valuable members of out team. His responsibilities include the publishing of articles, managing the layout of our blog and ensuring that everything runs smoothing from the technical standpoint.


Sean is a Candida expert who himself suffered for several years before he was able to find a solution that worked. He has experienced it all, from being very sick, losing a lot of his hair, and peeling over his body. Since finding what works through experimentation and research, he has now helped countless people on various forums find relief from their infestation. He has made it one of his life’s missions to help eradicate Candida albicans from this planet, and is doing an excellent job at it.

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