Turkey Zucchini Rolls

Zucchini is our go to vegetable. Fresh and savory, similar to cucumber, zucchini can be cooked in many different ways. As we previously stated, vitamin C is our best ally in preventing and defeating candida. However, most people’s preferable choice is citrus, which contains acids that can actually do more harm than well.In this case, […]

Quinoa and Salmon Breakfast Delight

Salmon for breakfast? You bet! We simply adore salmon in all its forms. Oily fish are the best! Salmon is born is fresh water before it spends most of its live navigating upstream, only to return in order to spawn. This mechanism is linked with olfactory memory and this is why salmon is considered ‘brain […]

Breakfast Burritos

Did you know that the word burrito means donkey in Spanish? It’s irrelevant, but nonetheless amusing. Burritos are a tasty mexican dish, consisting of a wheat flour tortilla wrapped in a cylindrical shaped and enclosed at one end. The rest is up for filling. The traditional burrito has black refried beans, salsa, meat, guacamole, cheese, […]

Buckwheat Flour and Almonds Pancakes

Pancakes, am I right? Layers and layers of delicious hot pancakes, drizzling maple syrup and ice cold whip cream. Dreamy… But not that appealing to your flora and overall health. Contrary to popular belief, too much sugar is actually slowing us down. Flour is full of gluten proteins that glue the intestines together, making it […]

Gluten Free Quinoa, Eggs and Baby Spinach Mini Muffins

We’re in love with mini muffins! They’re great for showers, parties  even midday snacks! But be careful! It can get out of control pretty quick and before you know it, you’ll be munching on mini muffins all day! You can make them out of almost anything! Last night’s meat leftovers? Sure!  Duck eggs, rhea eggs, […]

Poached eggs with Avocado and Broccoli

Eggs are great in the morning. They are one of the best ways to start the day since they are packed with fiber and nutrients. Also, because the digesting process takes a while, it is not advisable to have them later in the day. Mixed with the rich oils and the good kind of fats […]

Asparagus and Leek Creamy Soup

We all agree that soups are amazing. They are a quick, hot meal that offers incredible health benefits. You can make a soup out of almost anything.The healthiest soup options include fresh, season vegetables and minimum of salt and artificial enhancers. Soups are great in dieting and weight loss journeys. By eating a bowl of […]

Asian style Broccoli and Garlic Lemon Brussel Sprout

A good side dish should be able to stand on its own. This green recipe for Asian style Broccoli and Garlic Lemon Brussel Sprout can serve both as a complementary dish or a dish on its own. We will break this down in two sections, taking care of the broccoli and the the brussel sprouts.

All Green Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it has to be rich and nutritious. But why not make it your favourite meal of the day?  Most people tend to opt for sugary meals, for an energy boost, others go for a high calorie, high cholesterol brekkie that will keep them full until […]

One Pot Zucchini Noodles with Cherry Tomatoes, Basil and Pine Seeds

Who doesn’t love a full plate of pasta Bolognese or Carbonara? We know, they’re simple delish! But let’s just take a moment to go over what happens in your body when you eat it. For one, pasta is carb and are not gluten free which can only mean one thing: blocked guts! Combined with the […]

Spinach and Quinoa stuffed Tomatoes

When trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, people think that veggies are the way to go, This is not wrong! However, there are certain vegetables that sometimes do more harm than well, by destroying the intestinal flora or causing blockages. Spinach leaves are rich in vitamins and high in vitamin K. Also, they are chefs’ […]

Vegetarian Candida Recipes

So what is Candida Albicans? Do not be misled by the name albicans, which can be roughly translated as pure or innocent. Candida is the result of the extensive proliferation of an yeast-like fungus and it is one of the most common gastrointestinal infections. How do I know I have it? Common symptoms include, besides […]

Homemade Kale Chips

To be fair, home made alternatives to store bought treats will always be healthier and friendlier. Potato chips ( or British crisps) are everyone’s favorite, but as we all know, rich in carbs and fat, they are not so friendly to our bodies. Their healthy, nonetheless tasty alternative is Kale chips. Since even the healthiest, […]

Is Caprylic Acid Good for Candida?

Sometimes the best solution to a problem is not one thing alone, but a combination of components that work well together. Found in food sources such as coconut oil, milk and palm oil caprylic acid is an anti-fungal fatty acid that is often used in combination with other anti-fungals to treat Candida. Caprylic acid is […]

What Is Candida Die Off?

When people go on a candida diet, it’s generally a giant pain. Instead of delicious foods like cake, bacon, you are stuck eating bland boring foods. That makes it so difficult, but then comes the herxheimer reaction which many will call die off. It typically happens with the rapid death of harmful microorganisms. What kind […]

Is Green Tea Good for Candida Yeast?

Green tea is rich in nutrients including antioxidants, also known as polyphenols, that may help fight yeast infections. A 2004 study published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy found that the catechins in green tea inhibited yeast growth by to 90%. More recently in 2009, the Canadian Journal of Microbiology published research by Nikki A. […]

Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Right Probiotic To Get Rid of Nasty Yeast Infections

Probiotics are medicines or food supplements consisting of beneficial microorganisms and bacteria identical to human flora. The word pro means ‘’of’’ and biotic means ‘’life’’. So, the name suggests that these formulations are involved in the growth of healthy flora in the body. This microflora, mainly residing in the intestine, helps in modulating immunity and […]

What Everyone Should Know About Gluten Intolerance and Digestive Enzymes

It is estimated that in the U.S. alone a staggering 18 million Americans suffer from the effects of gluten intolerance, also known as gluten sensitivity or non-celiac gluten sensitivity.(1) It has only recently been acknowledged and is still little is understood about it. If you are suffering from gluten intolerance, you are not alone as […]

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