Gut Dysbiosis and Candida Connection

As a practicing naturopath of almost 12 years, I have become increasingly disillusioned with the way orthodox medicine manages a broad range of conditions utilizing a growing number of aggressive drugs. Although initially my interest was in how traditional treatments would provide patients with alternative choices, the situation has developed to one where natural treatments are […]

Interview With Dr. Sara Jean Barrett, ND

People are starting to look at treating the entire body, instead of merely treating symptoms and naturopaths are who you go to for those needs. There is a movement towards natural health, and naturopaths are on the forefront of it. We have the privilege to interview Dr. Sara Jean Barrett, ND who shares her beliefs […]

Interview With Dr. Kim D. Kelly, ND, MPH

Naturopathy is the remerging natural approach to medicine that is slowly taking over and redefining the way we think and apply medical remedies. For a long time, traditional medicine was considered superior to more natural approaches, but in the recent revolution for a healthier lifestyle many individuals and families are looking for safer and friendlier […]

Interview With Dr. Amanda Frick, ND

Until recently Naturopaths have not been receiving the amount of recognition that was deserved. Now people realize that they must truly take care of their bodies, not just trying to cure the symptoms as they arrive. Dr. Amanda Frick is a naturopath based in Santa Monica, CA, who truly cares about her patients and despite […]

Interview With Dr. Ken Weizer, ND

Naturopathic medicine is a unique approach to healthcare that emphasizes prevention, treatment and optimal health through the use of natural therapeutic methods and substances that encourages indiviudal’s inherent ability to restore and maintain their own body. The Naturopathy choice and lifestyle has been around for many years, but recently it has grown both in awareness […]

Interview With Dr. Setareh Tais, ND

Naturopathy is a lifestyle where one lives naturally with a focus on natural remedies and the body’s ability to restore and maintain itself. Modern Naturopathy follows the same principles, focusing on preventative measures and various remedies to help health situations that exist with our time. Before the surge of an all-natural lifestyle, most critics debunked […]

The Most Challenging Part Of Treating Yourself From Candida

I have struggled with this diet for over a year never being able to fully understand why I couldn’t just buckle down and not eat forbidden foods. After doing lots of research I found I am not alone in this and their are many reasons people have an extremely hard time following the candida diet […]

Candida and Parasite Connection

Have you ever suspected that there is actually a link between the two? Well, besides the harm that each can possibly bring, what are the other things that support the existence of a relationship between fungus and parasite? Those are the matters we intend to clarify in this article. In the end, we hope that […]

Candida, Herpes and Esophageal Infection Connection

Infections in the esophagus may be caused by Candida and herpes among others. To know how you can protect yourself, it is vital to gain a better understanding of the three. It also helps to gather information about the symptoms you need to watch out for so that you can possibly take measures before the […]

Difference Between Male Yeast Infection and Women Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is commonly thought of as something that only women get. However, an article published by Genitourin Med gives a full scientific discussion of the occurrence of yeast infection among men too. The main reason why only few are aware of this fact is simply because males tend to not to report that they […]

Establishing the Connection Between Candida and Gluten

You and many others might have wondered whether there is a connection between candida and gluten. Apparently, there is. In this article, allow us to breakdown that link in an effort to help you understand the matter more clearly. We will also list down some symptoms associated with celiac disease to warn you about the […]

The Candida and Estrogen Connection

There is a connection between Candida and estrogen, and the connections leads to a  condition called vaginal candidiasis. This article is about the problems associated with hormonal imbalance in the relation to the two aforementioned substances naturally present in the human body. Candida overgrowth and hormonal imbalance are abnormalities in the way the body naturally […]

The Candida and Thyroid Connection

What is the link between Candida and your thyroid? In this article, you will find out. Candida, as described by, is any of several yeast like fungi that may cause athlete’s foot, thrush, vaginitis, and other conditions. You must not that candida is naturally present in the human body, but their presence is well […]

What You Need to About Candida, Fibromyalgia and Yeast Overgrowth

Simply put, the three have certain things in common. Fibromyalgia shares certain similarities with yeast overgrowth. Yeast overgrowth however is not solely confined to vaginal yeast infection, which for its part, is attributed to the increase in the number of candida albicans in the human body. As brought up by the Fibromyalgia Coalition International and […]

Candida and Psoriasis

Is there a link between the two? History answers in the affirmative. As Dr. Jeffrey McCombs pointed out, as early as 1949, there has already been a report citing the link between Candida and psoriasis. The former is described in Dorland’s medical dictionary to be a yeast-like fungus which is present in regulated amount inside […]

How To Break Free From Your Diet Soda Habit?

Can’t eat food without diet soda in front of you? Can’t live a day without downing several cans of diet soda? If yes, then you must be one of the so-called diet soda addicts. True enough, diet soda can be very addicting, mainly because of its caffeine content. In addition, the taste and the fizz […]

Basic Tips in Starting a Raw Food Diet

Raw food diet is considered healthier the consumer can get more nutrients and other food substances, such as enzymes, that become lost or degraded when cooking. Thus, many people are now switching to a raw food diet. However, starting a raw food diet is not easy as it seems. Just like any restricted diet, raw […]

5 Fruits You Should Add to Your Everyday Diet

A healthy and balanced diet always includes a serving of fruits. Just like vegetables, fruits give the essential nutrients that we need, and protect us from diseases as well. Eating fruits regularly along with vegetables reduces the risk of having cardiovascular disorders, such as heart attack and stroke, type II diabetes, and cancer. Here are […]

The Problem with Mistaking Candidiasis for Lyme Disease

There must be something that candidiasis and lyme disease have in common for one to be mistaken for the other. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention includes fatigue and headache in its enumeration of the symptoms associated to lyme disease. Apparently, those two conditions are likewise considered to be two of the symptoms signaling […]

Vitiligo and Candida Connection

Vitiligo is just one of the many possible associated disorders that a person can who has Candida overgrowth can suffer from. That is according to Dr. Priscilla Slagle who is a Nutritional/Functional Medicine and Psychiatry practitioner. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, vitiligo is a skin condition characterized by a loss of brown […]

The Candida and Leaky Gut Link

In this article, we will shed light on the connection that apparently exists between Candida and Leaky Gut Syndrome. We intend to dissect each term to make it easier to understand the link associating one with the other. To begin with, it is important to mention that you and I have a certain amount of […]