Candida and Parasite Connection

connectionHave you ever suspected that there is actually a link between the two? Well, besides the harm that each can possibly bring, what are the other things that support the existence of a relationship between fungus and parasite? Those are the matters we intend to clarify in this article. In the end, we hope that your knowledge of your body is enriched by the facts we have gathered. We also mean to remind you of the importance of doing what you possibly can to protect yourself from the threats which can prevent you from enjoy a better quality of life.

As a start, let us talk about two of the substances which may be found in the human body. In particular, allow us to provide some basic facts about Candida and parasite and eventually connect the two.

Human parasites are usually associated with yeast infections and Candida. In the information provided by CANCERactive, a cancer charity setup to communicate helpful information about cancer, it was mentioned that the most common parasite in the Western World is a common type of fungus. Such fungus was identified to be candida albicans. People may have excesses of such parasite inside their bodies as a result of consuming alcohol, chlorinated water, and antibiotics among others. The aforementioned substances harm the helpful bacteria in the human body which results in imbalance.

So is your body infested by parasites?

According to Dan Frackowiak, a nutritional consultant, the human body can host more than 100 different species of parasites. These parasites can harm the muscles, joints, digestive system, liver, brain, lungs, eyes, blood, throat, and skin.

If you are experiencing constipation, diarrhea, muscle aches, allergies, chronic fatigue, and migraine to name a few, it is advisable to set an appointment with your doctor to find out if your body is breeding parasites inside it.

The link between Candida Yeast Infection and Intestinal Parasite

Candida yeast infection usually comes with intestinal parasites breeding in the body. But are there warning signs that you and I should be on the look out for? Fortunately, as the naturopathic physician Skye Weintraub points out, symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, chronic fatigue, muscle pains, sleep disturbances, and allergies among others may appear when parasites are wreaking havoc in our bodies. However, it is important to remember that not all symptoms are as pronounced as the others.

Who are at risk of developing an overgrowth?
Men and women are both at risk of such condition. Even children, especially the babies, may also suffer from the effects of an overgrowth particularly when they are being fed with sweets.

How can you get rid of the parasites?
You and I can possibly get rid of them by subjecting ourselves to intestinal cleaning procedures, a good affordable parasite cleanse is Paraufero. Certain medications may also be prescribed to address the problem.

Other causes of trouble
It is important to take note that there are occasions when neither the overgrowth nor the parasite is to blame for the discomforts we are feeling. The manifestation of similar symptoms may be just that, nothing more than similarities. We should not fail to acknowledge the possibility that the signs warn us of completely different health concerns.

The benefits of knowing yourself

We need to pay close attention to our bodies to be able to notice any changes that may take place. Sometimes, the signs that should alert us about the state of our health are not very obvious.

Also, there are instances when it seems that the discomforts are gone, would not come back, and did not leave any problem at all. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes, what appears to be a change that does not warrant our concerns is already a warning of something terribly wrong with our system.

At this point, allow us to remind you of another thing. Find time to see your doctor not only when you have something to complain about. You may think that you are in good health only to be proven wrong by the tests done to you.

Towards a healthier you

Although there is no guarantee that we will never develop any health-related problem in our lifetime, we can take comfort in knowing that we can do something to safeguard ourselves from harm. Making healthier choices is one. Then again, it is best to consult with an expert before we start munching on the latest diet fad. We have to remember that each of us has unique needs. As a result, what applies to one may not necessarily work for everyone else.

When we know what suits us best, we can similarly align our expectations. That way, we can save ourselves from feeling frustrated when we are not able to reach our desired goals. But of course, the path is not devoid of challenges. All we have to do is to keep on going.

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