How to Get a Bikini Body All Year Round

woman holding pink flip flops on a tropical beachBikini season: that dreaded time of the year where you must shed your winter weight or shamefully enter the beach with a one piece and a pair of shorts. It’s this time of the year where your weight loss goals are at the all-time high and where your (hopefully) actual weight loss is at its peak. But why reserve weight loss for a one time a year thing? Heck, why make weight loss your solution every time an important event comes up? Weight loss should be a year round thing, a lifestyle choice and you shouldn’t have to stress yourself with the same question every year: Am I going to fit into that bikini?

So quit asking yourself the same question, weight loss should start here and now and carry on for the rest of your life. If you’re motivated enough and want to feel good about yourself, well you’re already 50% of the way there.

Your journey to weight loss starts at the core of your well-being. That’s your stomach – and ironically it’s the same place that you need the most fat eradicated. The foods that you eat are the pivotal players in the way that you look and feel and if you don’t believe that then consider the last time you engorged on a really greasy meal or how about that plate of cake. Didn’t feel too hot after that did you? Well if you checked the mirror, we’re sure neither did your stomach. So what are the appropriate foods to eat when it comes to your bikini body? That’s a question only our ancestors can answer.

According to WebMD, Nutrition experts have agreed that following the same eating patterns as our Stone Age ancestors is the key to being fit, happy and healthy. It’s called the “Caveman Diet” or the Paleo Diet and it is a plan based on eating plants and wild animals, similar to how our ancestors had eaten 10,000 years ago. Proponents such as Loren Cordain, PhD, Colorado State University professor and author of The Paleo Diet, claim that the Paleo diet is biologically appropriate and suits us best with the proper balance of nutrients to promote health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

So how does the Paleo Diet promote a slimmer waist line? Women’s Health Magazine lists three pros to the Paleo diet: it eliminates processed foods, it promotes lean protein and it increases fruit and vegetable consumption. Processed foods exist in just about everything we eat today. Stripped of any nutritional value such as vitamins and minerals and high in refined sugars, processed foods are the number one aggravators for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, cancer and weak bones. The Paleo diet completely bans any form of processed foods from your diet and in its place promotes the consumption of grass-fed, free range meat and organic fruits and vegetables.

paleo diet

High protein diets have been proven to contribute to weight loss, a study conducted by the University of Minnesota and Northwestern Health Sciences University has concluded. Adequate sources or protein are essential to your body’s metabolic processes and also curbs any post-meal hunger pains, reduces fat storage and helps maintain lean muscle. Fruits and vegetables on the other hand provide you with sources of simple sugars and contain micronutrients that are essential for appetite control and blood-sugar stabilization. A recent study conducted by the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Pennsylvania State University found that fruits and vegetables helped weight loss due to the food’s ability to provide the same volume, but at much lower energy density. In lame man’s terms: fruits and vegetables are less complex and easier for your body to digest and no matter how badly you pig out on them, it will still work efficiently to promote weight loss. Fruits and vegetables are also full of fiber and starches, essential for balanced energy throughout the day as well as an efficient digestive system. In the battle for weight loss, an eating pattern that promotes a healthy flow of energy and the maximum potential of your body’s metabolic system is probably the only way to go.

Much like any eating pattern, rules must be instilled and followed to the T for maximum results. After all, a bikini waist line doesn’t just make itself – right? The Paleo diet, thought daunting at first is actually quite easy to follow and just as enjoyable. The easiest way to remember the dos and don’ts of the Paleo diet is understanding what to eat and what to avoid:

Enjoy Avoid
Lean Meats
Nuts & Seeds
Healthy Fats
Processed Foods & Sugars
Refined Sugars


At first glance, yes the list does seem demanding, but you’ll realize that the foods you should be avoiding are actually really bad for you. And it would make sense, because most of the foods that you must avoid are the same ones that are being created by the hands of man and processed through some factory to be put onto your dinner table. So when you put it that way, do you really think those food companies have your bikini body interest in mind when they create these foods? Probably not.

And for the record, if you’re truly interested in keeping your bikini body all year round then you’re partaking in more than just a diet. The Paleo revolution is meant to be the foundation of a new lifestyle and for you, that’s the one where you’re ready to hit the beach summer, winter, spring or fall. Probiotics are also known to play a key in weight loss.

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