Most Common Symptoms of Candida Yeast Infection

In the past several years, I’ve probably answered hundreds of question on various Candida-related subjects. Most of those questions arrived by private message or email, and I still have most of these messages and refer to them to now and then.

When people who are suffering from a Candida overgrowth asked me questions or for the information on my Candida diet and protocol, I always ask them to send me a list of their symptoms, how long they’ve had their infestation, and the supplements they’re presently taking. I need to know what their symptoms as well as the duration of the infestation so that I would have an idea of just how severe their overgrowth was, and I needed to know what supplements they were taking in case their supplement could possibility interfere with the supplement treatment which I recommend.

After compiling and studying a list of the seemingly never-ending symptoms that the readers have sent me, I could see that, on the one hand, you wouldn’t believe how varied the symptoms can be, but on the other hand there are several symptoms that keep popping up more often than others.

Below are 20 messages which I’ve chosen at random from the collection of messages I’ve received, each of which describes an individual’s list of symptoms.

  1. Hair loss, acne, rashes, muscle aches, gas and bloating, trouble sleeping, and I’m very depressed most of the time.
  2. I have leaky gut and eczema, but the Prostatitis is the thing that’s really killing me. I also crave high carbohydrate foods.
  3. I’ve had skin problems since an early age, around 15-16, this started as acne. I am tired all the time and feel dizzy every time I stand up.
  4. I suffer from the following symptoms almost around the clock; skin problems, tired, allergic reactions to almost everything I eat; puffy face, runny nose, red rash on face, and a constantly warm face.
  5. I have had severe problems with my stomach for a very long time, gassy, bloating, constipation, etc. and cannot stop eating sugar foods.
  6. Symptoms of alternating constipation and diarrhea, diagnosed with IBS, and small but painful cracks in both corners of my mouth.
  7. Symptoms that are ongoing are tingling in my feet (for 4 years now), on and off feeling of nausea and cravings for anything that’s high in carbohydrates or sugar.
  8. During the past 8 months I have gotten to the point that everything I eat makes me feel terrible. I feel like I am allergic to everything. Stomach bloated to the point I look pregnant, also lots of digestive pain. Constipated two or three times every week.
  9. Food intolerances with severe bloating, severe anxiety, losing weight, fatigue, crave carbs and sugar.
  10. My candida manifests itself through a complete lack of energy, mood swings, cloudy mind, cravings, and reoccurring yeast infections.
  11. For the past two years I have been experiencing hair loss, acne, rashes, muscle aches, no energy and a lot of trouble sleeping.
  12. White patches on tongue and around gums. Skin on my torso sloughing off if touch and sometimes certain spots will bleed, tired, bloated stomach, I need lots of sugar and carbs to get through my day, gas whenever I eat, and I also have panic attacks.
  13. I’ve always craved sugar for as long as I remember, I’ve experienced severe rashes, painful/burning eyes, constant fatigue, and blood in my stool, continuous bloating and indigestion, numerous food allergies, and dreadful horrible nightmares almost every night so this leads to very little sleep. It’s so bad that I sometimes have suicidal thoughts.
  14. On a normal basis I suffer from severe genital thrush, yeast infections, mouth thrush, fatigue, depression, and indigestion after every meal.
  15. I think my symptoms are chronic. I’ve had a discharge and infection for over a year and every day it’s so painful that intercourse has become too painful to bear. I also have rashes break out almost every week in a different place. I’m fatigued all the time no matter how much I rest or sleep I get.
  16. My symptoms go back for over six years. The symptoms are bad abdominal pain after eating, I’m either constipation or have diarrhea all the time, blisters in my mouth, diagnosed with IBS last year, bloating/ belching/ indigestion and heartburn, itching rashes all the time, constant tired feeling, rectal itching, all types of food sensitivities, sugar cravings, zero energy, panic attacks, and really bad breath.
  17. Frequent urination, burning when urinating, urgency to go, in other words I guess I have cystitis. I’ve also had a rash for about six months, and I eat more sugar than I should because I just want it all the time.
  18. Gas or bloating most of the time, constipation is terrible sometimes last for days, bad thrush on my tongue all the time, sore burning lips, and toenail fungus.
  19. A shortness of breath, food cravings; I have floaters or spots in front of my eyes and my eyes water all the time, indigestion, and severe anxiety. My doctor has put me on an antidepressant.
  20. Terrible memory (can’t remember anyone’s telephone number), cold hands and feet always, can never get enough rest anymore, body odor that won’t go away, bad breath, digestive problems, and mouth thrush.

As you see, number 13 and number 16 are probably the most severe cases among those I’ve listed. Suicidal thoughts are mentioned in one post, and over the past 2 to 3 years I’ve had several people to tell me they had considered suicide as an escape from their physical problems.

From the symptoms listed in these and other messages I’ve received, I believe the most common symptoms of a Candida overgrowth are those shown below.

  1. Gas, bloating, general digestion problems including diarrhea and/or constipation; all of these seem to be an assured occurrence at some point either before or after they start a Candida treatment.
  2. Craving sugar products and carbohydrates.
  3. Lack of energy and fatigue.
  4. Various types of external problems such as any skin rashes whether on the torso, the lips or mouth, the genital area, or it may show up as acne.
  5. Another very common symptom is depression and/or anxiety. The reason that it isn’t listed on many of the initial messages I receive is because this often occurs later during the infestation and sometimes after the person starts the diet and treatment. I believe this is partially due to the die-off itself, but certainly not always.

Some of these people have continued with their symptoms for many years before they discover the cause. But even after discovering the cause, most of them have no idea how to treat the problem, and their doctor normally offers little to no assistance. The bottom line in a Candida albicans infestation is that you have to reestablish the intestinal flora, starting with lower amounts of CFU’s in the beginning to lessen the die-off toxic symptoms and gradually raise the numbers over the next few months.

Feeding the Enemy

You’ll have to stop feeding the Candida in your body; and you’ll need to treat the die-off toxins by taking supplements such as Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate, CandidaOFF by Probacto, Milk Thistle, and high doses of vitamin C, all of which will lessen the die-off effects and reduce the chance of damaging your liver. In addition, you will likely need to be on a vitamin and mineral regimen in order to rebuild your adrenals and immune system.

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