The Acidic-Alkaline Candida Connection

Blue HydrangeaRecognizing what is a normal pH balance in the human body has long been misunderstood due to the procedure by which doctor’s follow for pH readings. A typical pH reading is usually conducted through tests done on the blood, saliva or urine. The problem with using this methodology is that blood and saliva are naturally more alkaline and that the pH of urine can read between 5.0 and 8.0 and is highly dependent on the foods that you consume. Because there is such a varying degree of variables in this testing process, it has led the misconception of what your pH level should really be. Samples obtained from your blood, urine or saliva is not definite displays of your body’s current pH level and for that reason they are unreliable.

In fact, if common procedure required that readings be obtained from individual parts of the body, you would most likely receive the following results:

Your skin, colon, digestive system and vagina would register as acidic.

Other areas and bodily fluids like saliva, blood and semen would register as alkaline.

This is all of course, with reason.

Acidic environments are maintained by the body and used as a form of defense. This type of environment is responsible for killing off bad or unfriendly bacteria and protecting your body from invading pathogens. The skin registers as acidic because of the sweat and oils that are secreted by the body. This creates the ideal protective barrier against external environmental factors such as pollution, bacteria, harmful airborne pathogens and chemicals. Vaginas are also highly acidic to prevent invading foreign pathogens and to protect women from yeast or bacterial infections.

Body’s that maintain acidic environments in the appropriate places are considered healthy and happy. Studies have also indicated the pathogens are destroyed in acidic environments, but thrive in alkaline environments. These studies were conducted on the intestines and colon, where when pathogens were allowed to take over, a significant decrease of the immune system was recognized.  That’s why the most reliable source for a pH reading is from the digestive system. In a healthy state, the digestive system will register as acidic due to the digestive acids such as Hydrochloric acid that are continuously produced for the digestion and processing of the food we eat as well as the termination of contaminating microorganisms that enter our bodies. The digestive system’s acidic environment also protects the body from fungal, parasitic and bacterial infections.

If the digestive system were to ever become too alkaline, then the health of your innards and simultaneously your outsides are compromised. The increase of an alkaline nature can be a result of eating foods such as fruits, bread or consuming too much sugar. These types of foods act as the optimal food source for the natural yeast in your body and thus result in overgrowth. Antibiotics can also affect the acidity of your digestive system by killing off beneficial bacteria and destroying the bacterial equilibrium, when this happens the bad or unfriendly bacteria begin to overpopulate allowing the body to succumb to infection. Finally, the alkaline state in the intestines also contributes to the activation of the fungal gene of yeast, often resulting in the infestation of Candida albicans.

Misreading of your pH level often leads to misdiagnosis and then to mistreatment. Many doctors or experts will swiftly recommend a high alkaline diet or to drink alkalizing drinks to reduce the acidity of your body. However, this type of treatment often makes things worse as it provides an optimal environment for unfriendly bacteria and pathogens to thrive. High alkaline levels also result in the killing of beneficial bacteria, microorganisms that are responsible for the maintenance of your acidity levels once they go, then the bad bacteria is sure to follow and completely overrun your system.

With this in mind, remember that acidity and alkaline levels are designated for certain parts and areas of the body, meant to protect and maintain your well-being. The next time you consider getting pH tested know that the greatest sign of good health lies in your gut.

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