The Most Challenging Part Of Treating Yourself From Candida

beachchairI have struggled with this diet for over a year never being able to fully understand why I couldn’t just buckle down and not eat forbidden foods.

After doing lots of research I found I am not alone in this and their are many reasons people have an extremely hard time following the candida diet and its actually common to cheat or fall off track completely during treatment. I’m going to tell you the 5 main reasons why!

This is all a part of the learning process and it’s best not to beat yourself up if you have a moment of weakness. Here’s why its so easy to fall off track.

1. Stress – When we are stressed we get cravings for comfort food and many people find eating something sweet reduces their stress temporally, this is why it’s so important to reduce stress in other ways and take time for ourselves. Taking time to listen to music, watch a movie, or sit back with a cup of peppermint tea and stevia are some great ways to reduce stress without cheating on the diet. Treating for Candida is stressful so we must take time everyday to focus on ways to reduce our daily stress.

2.Die off – When we begin to change our lifestyles candida screams for food! It literally can cause the most intense cravings for sugar one could ever possibly imagine! It’s actually best to reduce our intake of sugar slowly by first cutting out refined sugars, then bread and pastas, then high sugar fruits, until we get to a place where we are on a good balanced candida diet. Sugar cravings may be the least of our worries though. According to a 1980 study, the Die off can cause severe flu like symptoms.

3.Lifestyle Changes – I know first hand how hard it is to follow a diet when you have to cook forbidden foods for other family members and have to organize ways to stay on the diet. Make sure you make huge salads and veggie stir frys that are enough for a few days if you have to cook separately for others not on the diet. You can freeze meals or keep them in the fridge for up to 5 days. Make sure snacks are on hand, hard boiled eggs or celery and almond butter, have a few snacks ready for quick grabbing and on the go eating.

4.Unorganized Treatment Plan – It’s very hard to take every single supplement and antifungal on time and it’s common for people to miss doses or skip days of treatment. Life makes it hard and everyday responsibilities become a hassle when you have to take certain medicine and different times during the day. If you can keep a schedule of times you take your medicine each day, you will have a better chance of staying on track. You can follow Sean Brookwood’s guide to start.

5.Society Acceptance And Support – Society today has adapted a very unhealthy way of eating and the standard American diet is actually contributing to not only yeast overgrowth but cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a number of other health issues. Our bodies were designed to live off of vegetables, meats and fruits. We are slowly killing ourselves eating high amounts of sugar and carbs. Society has an acceptance of sugar addiction and many people don’t even realize how high their intake really is. When people start the candida diet they may have a hard time finding support or acceptance as its not common to eat vegetables as a main course everyday. We must let go of this idea that sugar is a safe drug and do our best to avoid people who eat unhealthy. According to forbes, the average American eats 3 pounds of sugar each week. If people in your family are eating unhealthy and will not change their old habits then take care of yourself and focus on you. Do not give in to sugar cravings because others are eating unhealthy.

These are the main reasons why the candida diet is the toughest and one of the most strict of diets out there! With proper planning and understanding you can beat this! I know it feels like the diet is the most challenging part of treatment and it is, the most important thing is that you don’t give up! Once you start feeling better it will get easier by the day and you will be happy and healthy! Enjoy your healthy eating!

Photo Credit – Moyan_Brenn @ @ Creative Commons
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