What Is Candida Die Off?

When people go on a candida diet, it’s generally a giant pain. Instead of delicious foods like cake, bacon, you are stuck eating bland boring foods.

That makes it so difficult, but then comes the herxheimer reaction which many will call die off. It typically happens with the rapid death of harmful microorganisms. What kind of reaction it causes varies by individual, but it has commonly caused fever, chills, headaches, myalgias1.

The Herxheimer reaction, otherwise known as the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction, and was discovered by two dermatologists, Adolf Jasich and Karl Herxheimer. It was first noted in people infected with Syphillis. It is however, not limited to Syphillis, and has also been seen with Lyme disease patients treated with cefuroxime2. It has also been noted in individuals who are HIV+3.

The reaction will be worse if you are more deeply infected. For example if you have early syphillis, the reaction tends to be just a minor nuisance, but if it’s late syphilis, it can be far more serious.

Some people think of the reactions as a good thing, that when you have these negative reactions it’s just the bad leaving your body. That you are getting rid of toxins, that you clearly do not need, and they look forward to negative reactions.

I do not think that it is ideal to think in that way. Whenever your doctor gives you anything, and your body reacts negatively to what you are given, it’s best to tell him/her about it so that you can get the absolute best advice. Remember, your health is more important than anything, and it’s always best to listen to what a health care professional advises.

They are trained to deal with the type of situation that you might be currently encountering, so I highly suggest you speak to a doctor.

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