What Everyone Should Know About Taking Care of Nail Fungal Infections

Fungal conditions can exist in many forms. One that we constantly overlook involves our nails – yes the keratin structures that protect your finger and toes are just as susceptible to fungal infections as any other area in your body. Frequent gym goers or those working in physically demanding occupations are familiar with fungal infections […]

Beauty is More than Skin Deep

Acne. The mere mention of the word has probably sent chills down your spine as you recall the moments in your adolescence (or even adulthood) when it caused great frustration, embarrassment and pain. It’s a condition that many attribute to being part of “growing up”, but for some individuals it’s a lifelong battle for clear […]

4 Things that are Killing You from the Inside-Out

If you ever thought a forty something woman with a balding head, a thirty year old man with grey hair, or a fifty year old stroke victim was normal – think again. All these symptoms are merely a reflection of a compromised intestinal system. Your gut is a very attractive place: as much as 100 […]

Get to Know the Inner You – The Part Your Doctors Won’t Tell You About

“Sometimes it’s the smallest things that take up the most room in your heart.” In this case, the smallest things take up the most room in your stomach. The human body is more than just skin, organs, bones and muscle; as most people know most of our operations are a result of a highly sophisticated […]

That Embarrassing Itch Down There, More Common Than You Think

If you ever thought that the embarrassing smell, irritable itching and terrible discoloration that occurred on your private parts was solely your problem alone – think again. The fact is, you’re not alone when it comes to vaginal infections, according to the Illinois Department of Health, millions of women experience the same terrible ordeal too. […]

Why Your Gut is Your Worst Enemy – and Why You Need to Treat it Like Your Best Friend

Whatever your current relationship is with your gut, it should be acknowledged just how important it is in your life. Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple states that the human gastro-intestinal tract houses the bulk of the immune system, about 70% to be exact. It is a selectively permeable system that is responsible for the breaking […]

How to Get a Bikini Body All Year Round

Bikini season: that dreaded time of the year where you must shed your winter weight or shamefully enter the beach with a one piece and a pair of shorts. It’s this time of the year where your weight loss goals are at the all-time high and where your (hopefully) actual weight loss is at its […]

3 Diet Taboos That Are Diet to Dos!

If you’re geared towards health and fitness, then you’re probably already familiar with the importance of nutrition and its essential role to reaching your goals. There exists a plethora of information readily available to the average person; whether it is on the internet, in a book, a magazine or through the words of a friend […]

Dermatologists Will Hate You for Knowing These 20 Secrets to Younger Looking Skin

Sagging and loss of volume, if you’re in your late thirties to forties then you’re dealing with drooping skin around your eyes and jawline and a lack of volume and luster in the skin. Your eyes appear hollow and almost sink into your sockets while folds of skin threaten to drown it out. Your jawline […]